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Sun, Apr. 17th, 2005, 06:17 pm

TODAY IS  STINE'S                   BIRTHDAY    

Sat, Jan. 8th, 2005, 11:07 pm

im your boogie man thats what i am


we are beautiful


todd scored so did josh thats awesome like beating pat

terrence still waves so thats a lot of icebergage

the back seat of dans truck is condemned chris's sisters are cool he has friends not really

fat people are always in my way

but old men are fun

i skim it like skim milk

skim skim skim


were triplets but he asked so its alrite

sanitary wipes... never leave home without them

thats sick hes not gunna get sick though heckkk noo


people go back to love and they should go back to cabbage



Thu, Dec. 30th, 2004, 10:07 pm
friends are fun

we freakin love dan.... AND CHRIS

dan rocks and so does chris they drove us to TJ's that was fun chris's car is fun

greg is a stupid name so is mark

only people named greg or mark would pee on a mailbox in a dark alley near the library

i sat on the bus floor sep sat on a little kid

stine won rock paper scissors.. but suez still gets chris

women in red minivans shouldnt be allowed to drive

terrence had nice socks he thanked me

todd wore high socks... they are no good for dancing

the fat man tried to give us group hug and is buying sep nail polish

i love fat people

and old people like the ones next to dan because the lady yells

when does the riddalin kick in?

we got kicked out of our seats 3 times

suez and stine are scared to fall and topple down the dome -sep laughs

they dont dance no one does... dan and chris neither

chris is going to the prom with suez ... if he doesnt have lax

they know the parking attendants ... (shane and christina) chris unrolled the window to tell shane that he doesnt really know the girls

dont tell dans mom

which is not the old lady next to him

he was sick on christmas

you do not want this flu



Tue, Dec. 28th, 2004, 10:45 pm

we freaking love dan

um since nobody reads this anyways i dont really knwo why were updating

we went to like lots of games already and didnt update because no one cares

but we made lots of friends and lost some and were fan of the game twice ... suez thrice

todds my favorite - suez

logans my favorite - stine

ross ... i guess ... is my favorite - sep

youre live cake people ... orr like cave people ....  i cook food in hot springs

they dance no they dont josh dances all the time hes pretty ok and todd needs dancing lessons good thing knights of columbus has ballroom dancing january 11th learning the waltz... BE THERE OR BE SQUARE... speaking of squares... stine and logans first date will be ballroom dancing... and um square dancing?

terrence waves and thats cool like icebergs big d doesnt play but he stretches no hes a slacking stretcher person and craigs pants fell off... ((oohh how enjoyable))

the drunk guy knows crystal

THE MARRIED MAN TOUCHED MY LEG ... dont mention the wife.. i think shes dead

dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan ...... nowwwwwww sitsssss innnnn 210

hes doin pretty good in occ his mommy still doesnt like girls

that man who still needs prettier sweaters dissappeared and he owes us like 4089752138 waters

but we do have lots of pepsi

bug in my face it tried to kill me

i looked stupid

in september

i cant clap with one hand

i was gunna fall off

dont touch me

theres no arm on the chair

thats the front of the chair you retard

were too polish to spell polok.. polock .. polak

you cant come to thanksgiving dinner round 2 or disney on ice if youre not polish

Sat, Aug. 14th, 2004, 11:48 pm


Thu, Jun. 3rd, 2004, 07:27 pm
4 months later

4 months later.. and we still miss dan
... buut one thing you might just not know... is that we did eventually meet him at a random game.. like after we stopped updating
it was a moment when we found out his name is really MARK
it hurts to say this... but no more syracuse bball until next season...

we need to go shopping for new bathing suits so this summer when we drive around in our bathing suits we get invited to go swimming


so we were thinking since we werent invited to go camping anywhere / after ball we decided that were gunna go camping and sleep in the bed of the truck on land thats not ours.. because we actually do have a camp... with boats on a lake and everything... so technically the land is ours.. were just not exactly sure where our land is

"I got a white man!" "what are you thinking?"

Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 10:38 pm

umm ... they lost... yes very depressing... they were doing so well too...
... what do ya know... 40 year old balding man was back butt there was no random slippage of the hand ... yeah so suez officially hatess gerry ok well ya know how mean he is? well he proved it tonite there was this little boy who wanted gerrys autograph and this boy was like yelling gerryyy over and over again and gerry sent this man over to the boy to tell him taht gerry isnt gunna come over to him ad the little boy ran away .. probly cried his eyes out

ok well we had this sign for terrence... cuz we told him we would bring him one.. n it just said TERRENCE ROCKS... ya know.. very nice of us..yeah so he saw us and obv started laughing .. cuz we seriously crack this boy up...well after he had already seen it mcneil walked over to him n like grabbed his arm n spun him around n was like oohh look at them... aww yeahh... everyone loves us... yeah so they were stretching n terrence was chillen out on the ground.. n suez n stine were like wavin at him.. n he obvv laughed at us again.. this boyy loovesss usss...
yeahh they were doin that stretch where there bouncin on there toes and there was this swing dancing song playin.. n terrence n pace n hakim were all like dancin while they were bouncin.. it was the cuttestt thing everrr....

yeah soo we deff didntt get 3rd row seats this game.. n seriously if thats not depressing enough we had like row xx... now thoose are some bad seats... soo were sittin up there n there were people in our seats soo we sat in random seats cuz you dont think it would matter where ya sit seein as how those seats suck anyways.. oohh but it does... like these 2 random busloads of people came walkin up the stairs n there like check yer seat number ... n we got kicked out of like 5 different seats... n there was like no one on the other side of the dome.. soo we went over there 2nd half.. mann that was better...

AANNDDD... on our way to the other side of the dome during half time sep was like OMG!... is that DAN?... n stine was like ITSSS DANNN!!! ... n suez pulled a u-ey n started following him... haha... cept stine n sep stayed back.. soo she went back with them... butt of course she turned around onee more time .. n was cruisinn around that dome tryin to find that boy.. but that crazy mysterious boy had disappeared... it was soo sad.. so suez trudged up to sit with stine n sep... thennn we were sittin there lookin waitin for dan to come up some stairs.. n sep was like OOHHH LOOK OVER THERE!!! THATS DANN...the 3 people in orange shirts!... yes very descriptive...yes she picked dan n his parents out of the 26913 person crowd... haha aaww yeahh...soo suez n sep kept the lookout on dan the whoole 2nd half.. mann that boy rocks our socks alllmost as much as terrence... soo when we were all gettin ready to go... dan stood up to put his coat on.. n sep was like i know thats him cuz i knoww thats his mom.. n suez was like I KNOW THAT COAT... I KNOWW THOSE SHOESS!!!... haha... aww dannn...

ok.. soo when we were makin our way to the buses.. obv screaming for dan.. did not find him.. but got on a bus.. like masss filled with old people.. n we started making our own fun.. n ya know the song in like the 1st entry?... well we sang that nonstop n entertained the whole busload of old people.. n at the end everytime.. someone would be like .. can i have a layup.. n the other 2 would yell.. LAYUP!!... haha those old people were preettyy darn scared....

ok.. soo we were singin our song still as we were walkin down the street.. and ya know how the last line is.. its a long walk to get the blue... well we walked in the house.. n there were 4 cases of blue in the kitchen... haha... nottt such a long walk.. well actually it was 3 steps from suez.. but hey.. thats 3 steps too many...

... yes.. stine has had this ranndomm craving for wendys for like 3 weeks now... andd suez was like.. dad wanna take us out for food.. n stine was like WENDYSS.. soo yes.. we went on a craazyyy roadtrip to wendys.. where we got locked in... n had to go out the emergency exit door.. haha.. they didnt want us to leave.. silly goofs ... lockin us innn...

andd on our way home... there was this ambulance... n sep was like oohh an ambulance n there workin on someone.. n they drove by.. n dad was like.. SHES LAUGHIN.. yes this lady that was bein worked on in the back of the ambulance was laughing hysterically.... haha.. FREAKIN HILLARIOUS!!...

... andd again... good times at the loud housee...

Wed, Feb. 11th, 2004, 08:48 pm
I'd live there if I could

well the boys finally won!! yeahh so we def went with posters that said.. gerry/craig will you be my valentine.. yeah craig said he liked em and gerry didnt even freakin look at suez! she was chillen there like yellin GERRYYY WONT YOU EVEN LOOK AT MEE .. he didnt.. and then like she smeared the marker on it.. n was like YA SEE THISS.. THIS IS MY TEARS BC YOU MAKE ME CRYY!! yes yes.. craiggy is a nice boy.. gerry is not.. biiig newsss..SUEZ NO LONGER LIKES GERRY!!!!!

ok so the forty year old balding man was there... spreading gerry's legs apart and his hand just happened to slip... hmmmmm....

so when we got there we went to sit in the court side suite and our usher friend peer pressured us into putting our names into the box to sit there the whole game.. n were like uhh arite?.. haha.. seein as how if ya win ya can bring 5 friends with ya.. n theres only 3 of us.. haha.. im suure we could make friends... as long as there not too ugly...

yeah so were standin there by the court n thers nooo one on that side... n that same crazy usher comes up next to stine n like makes her tell him her life sttoryy... it was reeally creepy... i mean i know yer suposta be nice.. but thats a liiiittle...too much if ya ask uss...

ok.. that nice man in and ugly sweater was walkin by and stopped by to chat... n tried to take the signs cuz hes uhh funny?.. yeah and we were chattin it up with him.. obv.. n hes askin somewhat life story.. like seriously are we that interesting that eeeverryy one wants to know all about us.. yeah and like all these people were like whoaa they knoww himm.. and thenn to make us sound like his friends.. when he was walkin away suez was like.. ooh ya get new shoes?... n he was like oohh nahh these arent tooo neww... aahhaa...

ook.. soo ya know how suez dont like gerry anymore... welll... the new winner iss.. TERRENCE!!... mann that boyss craazyy... well ya see he was starin at our posters n suez was like ooh ya like em.. n hes like yeahh.. n she was like well sorry there not for you.. but i could cross out gerry n write terrence.. n he just laughed.. n she was like oohh next game we'll bring a sign for youu... n then she asked kouwe for a marker.. random we know... ok.. soo terrence was crackin up.. n suez was like CAN I HAVE YER HEADBAND?.. n sep was like oohh i think he needs it .. n suez yells.. ill get ya a new onee!!.. haha boy obv laughed at that one too...yeahh so they were doin some random stretch... n suez was like waving.. n he was obv laughing at us.. againn.. n points us out to ronneil.. n ronneil turns around n starts laughin at uss.. aww mann good times...

ok so the boys were stretchin... n craiggy is out in front.. n he had this towel and was wipin the sweat off of his face.. n then he just kinda threw the towel... well stine obvv wanted that towel... soo we were askin evvveryone that walked by if they would get it for us... n they were all like nahh.. im not allowed too give em to ya.. n yeahh people suck.. n our friend in the sweater... suez was like can ya get us that towel.. n he was like ... can ya get me a new job?... haha.. then this boy thats always there... we asked him ... n he siad if it was his he'd give it to us... n thenn there was this otherr mann.. n he was wearin alll blue.. n suez started singin man in blue.. ya know instead of men in black.. yeahh... ok.. so this guy was wearin a suit n tie.. n looked important.. so suez was like.. heyy get us that towel.. soo he lurks on over.. n picks it up.. n looks alll around to see whos watchin him.. n then threw it at us.. aww yeahhh... CRAIG SWEAT! yessss.... yeah it was still wet too.. awesomee...

ok so there was this boy... that walked by.. n there is some controversy in what he was actually doing.. stine n sep say he was hitting on stine.. anddd .... suez thinks he was reading the sign.. wow.. way to come out lookin like the bad one suez.. yess well the boy was veryyy ugly anyways.. so it really didnt matter.. you would think...

yeahh.. soo suez n sep.. were makin some preeety random noises.. and sep was like wow were not sittin here makin orgasmic noises er anything.. n suez was like nooo this isnt orgasmic sounds.. thisss is orgasmic sounds.. n then demonstrated... yeahh think we defff scared some randoms... aww yeahh..

arite ... againn.. we saw no dan.. we miss our danny boy dearly... andd mayybee next game we can see him... maayybee...

... yeahh awesomeee tiimesss at the loud house.. n if we could.. we'd soo live there...

Thu, Feb. 5th, 2004, 07:32 pm

oohh heck yesss we miss our dannn

horseySP: DAN?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ssssssssssssSUEZ: dan!?!?!?
ssssssssssssSUEZ: WHERES DANNN!!!!!?
horseySP: & my name's not Dan
horseySP: hahaha
ssssssssssssSUEZ: dannn wheree isss dannnn
horseySP: DAAAAAAAAAAN?????????????
horseySP: maybe he's in the snow
horseySP: ?
horseySP: we should go dig him out some day ya know
ssssssssssssSUEZ: WITH katie...dan is a verryy bumpy boyy
horseySP: bumpy is ok, but only b/c its Dan
ssssssssssssSUEZ: i like smooth dan myself
horseySP: buuuuuuuuut if he's bumpy - its gunna be hard to wrap him up
ssssssssssssSUEZ: hahaha ohh im sure we can figure something outt
horseySP: as long as he doesnt wax the hair off his body, it'll b ok
ssssssssssssSUEZ: hahahah alllll the hairrrr
ssssssssssssSUEZ: ACK!
horseySP: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
horseySP: ew bad pictures in my head of maaaaaaaatttttttt
ssssssssssssSUEZ: eeewww
horseySP: yeah, not good
ssssssssssssSUEZ: ewww can you imagine what dan would look like if he like.. shaved his head?
ssssssssssssSUEZ: eeeeeeewwwww
horseySP: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
horseySP: he def would NOT be comin home w/ me
ssssssssssssSUEZ: oohh he still would.
ssssssssssssSUEZ: yer repepulating the world with himmm

Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 10:11 am
nachos for water straight up

aww yeahh... the boys actually won last nighttt... and BIG D started... well he only started cuz billys kinda been missing since sunday... yeahh word through the network said he tried to start a fight with craig so he wont be back indefinately.. silly boy.. craig could kill him... and well they were warmin up they were all bein so goofy... yeahh so pace made a lay up n made this really funny noise.. n we cant explain that one.. kinda like wooOoo ... ehh ask one us we'll make the noise for ya... and we were like makin fun of it kinda.. n he just kinda looked at us n gave us a veryy funny look...anddd there was no 40 year old balding men spreading gerrys legs apart.. this is alwayyysss good

k.. well the nice man in the ugly sweater... he was walkin by us againnn this game.. n he came by n was like.. wheres my nachos ive been waitin for them for 2 weeks.. n we were like wheres our water... n hes like well nachos for water straight up.... yeahh def make that sound big too.. but this time its over a cup of water anddd nachos...

... so we were standin by the side of the court... n we turned around n there were like a busload of little children with painted faces.. n they were seriously trying to beat us up... so this camera guy was tapin up n we were awesome n on the big screen.. but then he like took the camera away n kept it on all like 30 of these little children... creepy creepy creepyy....

arite.. so theres this guy.. n hes got some funny lookin hair goin on n hes got the strangest voice ever... n suez always says hi to him n he says hi reeeally weird.. which cant really be explained here.. just believe us on this one... k well thisss time she was like hi.. kinda how he says it.. n he changed it up n said.. heyy hows it goin... haha... way to change it up mann...

k.. so at the end of the game we were walkin around outside the dome... n ya know how last game we saw dan.. well... suez kept lookin at everyone n was like dan.. no yer not dan.. n there was this on kid behind us n she did that about 3 times.. n the third time she was like dan.. no yer STILL not dan.. yeahh... so all 3 of us were like runnin around yellin dan.. n ya know what we figured out.. sometime we'll see him n be like dan? ... DANN!! n he'll just be like.. dude.. my names not dan... ahha... so yeah dont really think we need to say it.. but we saw no dan at this game .. that deff crushes our feelings... maybe next game.. mayybeee...

... no chris from ithaca this game either..

.. buttt so seein as how sep is tryin to find stine a wheel.. there was this boy.. n he walked by us n kinda had a touchdown signal goin on.. n was like yeahhh ... so suez obv had to do it.. n he walked by us like 3 times.. n sep was like... he could be a wheel.. but we accept no wheels with white pants.. so suez was like welll we could dye themm.. n stine was like PINK... yeahhh... creepy people...

think thats it.. no more stories.. until next time.. at the loud house

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